Básničky naší tvorby

Anglická báseň, má tvorba. O The Sims ;)

8. března 2012 v 22:19 | © Monna
Před pár dny jsem vytvořila takovou menší básničku o The Sims :D Je to nic moc, ale mě to prostě baví :D

I just love The Sims!

I play games,
And you? Yes!
What game is best?
Best? TS is great.
Such great fun.
Women? Men?
Yeah! I want a holiday!
Ehmm ... Why?
Not school! Just my day!
Create new Sims and family :)
I want to play every day,
Again I say "I play lots of games"
Do you want free gas?
No! I want to play The Sims
In the garden are pines,
I do not care!
My opinion is that the TS is great!